Scoring Wines

There are several methods for scoring the quality of wine.

Roving Somm adopted the scoring system used by the Associazione Italiana Sommelier, Robert Parker and others.

- from 60 to 70 (just drinkable, a wine below 70 has serious problems and we usually do not consider it at all);

- from 70 to 79 (average to good);

- from 80 to 89 (good to excellent);

- from 90 to 94 (excellent);

- 95+ (exceptional).

Whether a wine can ever be PERFECT, and score 100, is a question that is not definitively answered. Some say there is no perfect wine because any wine can always be improved. Others, me included, think there are rare occasions when a wine "ticks all the boxes" or unusual and amazing excellence: look, smell, taste, length, complexity, coup de coeur, harmony of sensations and then it deserves to be scored 100.

In assigning a score, we will take into consideration the visual, olfactory and taste/olfactory qualities of our wines, as well as their balance and aging potential.

The "absolute" score of a wine should be as objective as possible, given the inevitable personal sensitivity of each of us.

However, it is also of the utmost importance to evaluate the "Quality/Price" ratio of a wine. It is relatively easy to find a good expensive wine, but it is more difficult, and interesting, to find an excellent wine at a reasonable price!

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